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Employment Opportunities

Resurrection Lutheran School continually seeks certified, enthusiastic, energetic, innovative, and creative teachers to teach and promote the love of learning in our Christian classrooms. Successful candidates must have a love of teaching, excellence in their subject matter, and an active Christian spiritual life.  Resumes may be sent to tomkolb@rlscary.org



Seeking qualified leader(s) to administer Resurrection Lutheran School After School Care Program. Candidate(s) will be compassionate, organized, creative, firm AND loving. Must be available to work as an attendant in the program on a part-time basis from 3-6 pm, Monday-Friday. Additional responsibilities will include scheduling staff, tracking attendance, and serving as the point person for implementation of age appropriate activities for students in elementary (Jr K-5) and middle school (6-8).

**Will consider splitting this position between two qualified candidates.

Please submit Letter of Interest along with qualification/resume to Tom Kolb, Principal, tomkolb@rlscary.org


Resurrection Lutheran School is an Equal Opporunity Employer.  We do not and will not discrimate on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.