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RLS Admissions Process

Admission to Resurrection Lutheran School is based on several factors. These factors include:

  • The applicant’s educational readiness (K), level of academic performance (1-8), and behavior;
  • The applicant’s ability to interact successfully in a classroom setting;
  • The parents’ level of commitment to and support of the school;
  • The applicant’s desire for a Christian-based education.

Re-enrollment & Sibling Application (December)

Beginning in December, current RLS families with students in good standing are invited to re-enroll for the following school year. The online application portal is open to RLS siblings at this time.

*If a student is not meeting basic benchmarks for their grade, re-enrollment may be denied.

NEW Student Application (January)


Step One – Online Application

Beginning in January, the Online Application Portal is open. Families are welcome to begin the application process for the upcoming school year at this time. Admissions will be rolling through December of the current year. A $175 non-refundable family application will be collected at time of submission. Generally, we will not accept applications for the current year once the re-enrollment period begins. (Mid-year transfer applications will typically not be accepted after December 15th.)

Step Two – Student Records

Applicants provide current records of academic performance. These records should include a report card or progress report, and any achievement or standardized testing to include writing sample, IEP, 504, educational testing.

Step Three – Academic Testing (Grades 2-8)

Academic testing (IOWA Survey) will be administered by the Admissions Director for students in grades 2-8. If a student has a standardized test result from the current year, testing may be waived.

Step Four – Student References

Applicants are required to submit two academic reference forms as part of the application process. Preschool
directors or teachers may complete a reference for applicants entering kindergarten. School principals, directors or classroom teachers may submit a reference on behalf of applicants in grades 1 – 5. Rising kindergarteners will be assessed for readiness by the classroom teacher.


Step Five – Student "Shadow Day"

Once the student file is complete and the application is reviewed, a classroom visit will be scheduled. The student will be expected to stay for the entire school day and participate in all classroom activities of the day. Teachers will review the student file prior to visit and provide written feedback, work samples and confidential commentary within 24 hours of the visit. (Modifications may be made for summer admissions.)

Step Six – Pastoral Visit

RLS is an important mission of Resurrection Lutheran Church. In order to provide families with a personal connection to the church, we arrange for you to meet with one of our pastors during the application process.

Step Seven – Application Review

Once the entire application process has been completed, each applicant will be reviewed individually. It is our desire to admit applicants who meet all of our requirements and share the philosophy of Resurrection Lutheran School. Notification of the decision will be sent by mail to parents as soon as the review process has been completed. Parents will have two weeks to notify RLS of their decision to accept or decline admission.

Step Eight – Application Review Committee (academic/social concern)

If during the application process academic or social concerns are revealed, the application will come “under review”. (Any student with an IEP, 504, behavioral concerns or who is not meeting benchmarks for their grade in ALL subject areas will automatically go through the committee review process.) The committee will be responsible for reviewing the complete student file and will put forth a recommendation to the administration. (Conditional enrollment will be considered in limited situations.) The Admissions Director will serve as an ad hoc member of the Application Review Committee to address questions, offer clarity and/or follow up with families. The Principal will have the final authority on all admission decisions. Should conditional enrollment be offered, the Principal will be actively involved in the implementation plan and regular follow up with teacher, parent and student.

New Student Application

Resurrection Lutheran School accepts applications for the current school year through December. Beginning in January, applicants will be considered for the fall of the following academic school year. A $175 non-refundable online application fee per family will be assessed at the time the application is processed. Placement is not guaranteed.
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Accepting applications in all grades!

Contact Rosie Creasy, Director of Admissions & School Growth at [email protected] or 919/851-7271 ext 35 if you have any questions regarding admissions or class size.