Boy Working in Computer Lab


Resurrection Lutheran School is committed to embracing technology at every grade level. Our new building has facilitated the addition of a technology lab complete with 22 work stations, printers and improved software. Computers, Chromebooks, iPads, TI calculators, Smart Boards, Smart Response, and projectors are all used in the classroom in order to promote interactive learning. RLS teachers are instrumental in bringing this technology to life as they embrace the new concepts and commit themselves to integrating technology in their classrooms daily.

Students in Computer Lab
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Google for Education

Google for Education is the best selling service of its kind, providing cutting edge technology to streamline the classroom experience for the modern age. There are now 20 million users of Google Classroom and 70 million for the G-Suite for Education tools, in general. These tools allow everything from virtual office hours for teachers, to the ability to share and grade assignments, to collaboration on documents for group projects, to an impressive array of apps for every subject. Google for Education schools take the extra step of adding Chromebooks and tablets in all their classrooms that are updated and secured by Google.