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Resurrection Lutheran School offers an academically rich educational experience in a Christ-centered environment where the groundwork is laid for a lifetime of learning. Students are encouraged to work towards independence at an early age and given the tools to take responsibility for their own study. Our commitment to Christian values, dedicated teachers, and parent support serve to motivate children to perform at their highest potential. Resurrection Lutheran School has received dual accreditation from National Lutheran Schools and AdvancED.

There are many opportunities for you to become involved in your child’s academic life in order to enhance and enrich their educational experience. Our close-knit community fosters strong personal relationships that will last a lifetime. Take a moment and explore our website to learn why so many families have found a home at RLS!

In His Service,

Thomas W. Kolb, Principal
Colossians 2:6-7
Rooted to Thrive

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Reverend Paul KiblerReverend Paul Kibler, founding pastor of RLS, saw Lutheran education as an extension of the church and another way to reach out to the community. He knew the importance of bringing children up in the training and instruction of the Lord by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the families of the Church and community at large. His vision was for RLS to provide an environment that stimulated spiritual growth and academic excellence while encouraging children’s expression of their unique God-given talents. This mission would promote the active participation of parents and congregation members while facilitating children’s interaction with the community through service, and a well-rounded, developmentally appropriate curriculum would focus on the sovereignty of God in all aspects of school life in a warm, nurturing environment.

A feasibility study confirmed the need for a school in the community and following a congregational vote in 2001, the Resurrection Lutheran School Board was established. The board, consisting of five church members, a RLC pastor and an administrator began implementing the plan for an elementary school. In the fall of 2002, Resurrection Lutheran School opened its doors to 18 kindergarten students. This inaugural class was made up of 5% church members while 95% of the kindergarten families came from the community, thus validating the important community outreach that was intended.

One grade was added each year for the next several years. In 2005 school, church and community growth allowed RLC to expand the facility in order to do His work. A middle school was added in 2007, and today Resurrection Lutheran School serves nearly 160 students, our first class graduating in the spring of 2010. With nearly 55% of our school families currently attending Resurrection Lutheran Church, Pastor Paul’s outreach vision has been realized.

“Resurrection Lutheran School continues to be committed to bringing up generations of children in the training and instruction of the Lord. Because of this commitment, we will provide a Lutheran educational experience that is Christ-centered as well as academically- focused for children in Grades K-8.”

School Governance

Resurrection Lutheran School is a mission of the church. The Resurrection Lutheran School Board (RLS Board) is made up of primarily congregational members of Resurrection Church (RLC), some of whom may also be parents of children attending RLS. The RLS Board consists of (typically seven) an odd number of voting members, less than half of which can be parents of children currently attending RLS. In addition to the voting members, the board meetings include the attendance of a RLC pastor in an advisory capacity, the principal in a reporting capacity, and a teacher representative. The school board operates in an oversight capacity while the principal is responsible for the daily operations of the school. An administrative team is in place to assist in various functions associated with a growing school.

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Spiritual Philosophy

Inside RLC

As part of the mission of Resurrection Lutheran Church, RLS teaches and models the Christian faith as expressed in Scripture and the Lutheran confessions. Keeping Christ central in all we are and do, RLS uses daily Bible study, weekly chapel, devotions and prayers to help each other “take every thought captive to Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5). While we recognize that our sinful nature affects every aspect of our existence, we believe strongly in the power of Christ’s redemption to free us. Working with the power of Christ’s Gospel, we motivate and empower each other to follow Christ in all of life. “We love him because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

Mission Work

Resurrection Lutheran Church is committed to working in partnership with several villages in Uganda to educate children, train teachers and share the love of Jesus Christ.  The 5th grade class at Resurrection Lutheran School has adopted Mark and Megan Mantey, Missionaries, to support them in the field as they currently live and serve in Jinja. We learn from each other in the midst of this relationship. Click here to view a short video.

Resurrection Lutheran Church

Resurrection Lutheran School is a mission of Resurrection Lutheran Church. We invite you to learn more about RLC by visiting

Resurrection Lutheran Preschool

RLP provides experiences and opportunities to enrich and expand the child to become comfortable in a classroom situation and develop a pleasant and enjoyable attitude toward school.


To provide opportunities for Christian learning of Jesus Christ through Chapel and an informal living-learning environment.

To provide opportunities and activities to help the child have a healthy self-concept which includes accepting himself, his abilities, and his talents as God has given him.

To provide experiences which will fulfill the child’s basic individual needs.

To provide guidance as the child becomes less self-centered and starts taking part in small and large group activities.

To provide experiences which broaden the child’s aptitude for future school work.

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