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Tuition & Fees


(December 5, 2016-January 4, 2017)

Online Re-enrollment & NEW Sibling Application Period*
Registration Fee (non-refundable) of $125 per family due. Tuition Contract(2017/18) will be provided following the completion of online re-enrollment.

NOTE: If not paid by the January 4, 2017 deadline, the Registration Fee becomes $175 per family.

*If you have a NEW student (sibling), please fill out the required information during the re-enrollment period. Rosie Creasy, Admissions Director, will assist you through the application process.


(January 5, 2017)

Online Application Fee (non-refundable) of $175.00 per family is due with admissions application. 2017/18 Tuition Contract will be provided following student acceptance.


(February 1, 2017)

Signed Tuition Contract and Enrollment/Facility Fee (non-refundable) of $525.00 (first student) and $162.50 (each subsequent student) is due.

Annual Tuition (non-refundable) is due May 1, 2017 (see payment options below).

  • $6,850.00 per student (Active Resurrection Lutheran Church and other local LCMS members)
  • $7,350.00 per student (Local Community Members)


Tuition payment option designation is due August 1, 2017.

RLS offers a payment plan (Option 1) that provides a discount on tuition for those who choose to pre-pay the full amount by August 1, 2017.


Option 1

$150 Discount with two (2) installments:
Installment #1 due May 1, 2017 for $685.00 (Resurrection Lutheran Church or LCMS Member) or $735.00 (Community Member) per student.

Installment #2 due August 1, 2017 for $6,015.00 (RLC or LCMS member) or $6,465.00 (Community Member). If full payment is not made by August 1, 2017 the discount is forfeited.


Option 2

Ten (10) equal installments:Installment #1 due May 1, 2017 and the nine other installments are due on the first day of each month from August 1, 2017 through April 1, 2018.